Friday, February 24, 2023

The Hot Hero Sandwich Project

by G. Jack Urso 

Title card shot from the show.

The Hot Hero Sandwich Project is an effort to historically document the innovative children’s television show, Hot Hero Sandwich, which ran from 1979-1980 on NBC and produced by Bruce and Carole Hart, both of whom helped develop material for the first season of Sesame Street. Bruce Hart, in fact, co-wrote the Sesame Street theme and Carole wrote some early episodes. Both Harts were involved with Marlo Thomas’ noted children's entertainment TV special Free to Be . . . You and Me (1972) and together wrote, with Bruce directing, actor/rocker Rex Smith’s 1979 film Sooner or Later (Smith also performed on episode 10 of Hot Hero Sandwich).

Often described as Saturday Night Live for teens, the show was a mix of sketches, short films, animation, celebrity interviews, musical guests, and of course the awesome in-house Hot Hero Band. Despite running for just eleven episodes, the show struck a nerve with its fans who, for the past four decades, have quietly kept the show alive with social media and sharing the precious few clips still available from the show.

With the gracious assistance of some of the former members of the show, I have put together a behind-the-scenes look with interviews, the first complete episode guide, never before seen photos, video clips, and much more. Not just to document the show, put also to preserve it as a case study for those in education and entertainment looking for new ways of reaching a difficult demographic with positive and inspirational programming that addresses the issues teens deal with using multimedia integrated with a common theme.

Below is a list of the current articles detailing the show. More articles are coming so STAY TUNED! 

Hot Hero Sandwich: A Historical Retrospective of the 1979-1980 Innovative Children’s Television Show



Special Reports


On the Flip Side with the Hot Hero Band


Off-Script with the Writers


Off- Stage with the Cast Members


YouTube Channel

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  1. I think the article is right -- HHS is a positive template for shows for kids/teens. Good overall job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The index is easy to read, well organized and concise - always a good thing. Being able to check out all the vids gives you the sense of how well done and important HHS is. Great work.