Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Hot Hero Sandwich — Scene-by-Scene: Episode 1

by G. Jack Urso

Hot Hero Sandwich Episode 1

Interviews: Erik Estrada, Bruce (Caitlin) Jenner, Olivia Newton-John, Donna Pescow McLean Stevenson and Hal Linden in conversation with Dr. Tom Cottle.

Musical Guests: Sister Sledge, The Hot Hero Band.

Themes: Dating, divorce, family, friends, and school.


1.2: Sketch: Nicknames — The Hot Hero gang wants to know what Jarett Smithwrick character’s nickname is, and it’s a long one!

1.4: Sketch: Nightmare High Excuse of the Week with L. Michael Craig.


1.8: Music Segment “I’m Only Sleeping.” Set to the Beatles song of the same name, Nan-Lynn goes about her morning routine to get ready for school only to find out its Saturday! [Note: Hot Hero Sandwich had a one-time only use of the Beatles original version of “I’m Only Sleeping” for the actual broadcast. Here it has been replaced by an instrumental version to avoid a copyright violation.]


1.13: Sketch: Hot Hero CafĂ© Segment — The gang tries to comfort Mark (Matt McCoy) whose parents are getting divorced.


1.15: Sketch: Embarrassing Parents — Vicky Dawson’s character is easily embarrassed by her parents (played by Andrew Duncan and Claudette Sutherland) only to find out they have a lot in common with her new boyfriend (played by Paul O'Keefe).

1.17: Sketch: T-Shirt Dating with Vicky Dawson and L. Michael Craig.

1.18: Sketch: Phone Friends Segment – The Party, Part I: Nan-Lynn Nelson, Vicky Dawson and Saundra McLean. Nan-Lynn’s character tries to impress her wealthier classmate played by Vicky Dawson and get invited to the big party.

1.19: Sketch: Phone Friends Segment – The Party, Part II:  Nan-Lynn Nelson, and Denny Dillon. Nan-Lynn has to break her planned Friday night movie with Denny’s character so Nan-Lynn can go to the party being thrown by Vicky Dawson’s character.

1.21: Phone Friends Segment – The Party, Part III: Phone Friends segment with Adam Ross, Nan-Lynn Nelson, and Denny Dillon. Nan-Lynn’s character wants Denny Dillon’s character to go with her to the big party.


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