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Hot Hero Sandwich Project Archives: Official Series Credits Press Release

by G. Jack Urso


Dated Oct. 22, 1979, two days after the initial start date of Oct. 20 (later moved to Nov. 10), this production memorandum represents the final official credits list. In a variety-type show like Hot Hero Sandwich, with both filmed and tape segments and last-minute celebrity and music scheduling, keeping track of the cast and crew is imperative, particularly for awards consideration and probably a few unions as well. The original release is provided below at the end of this article.

The release identifies the directors of the film sequences:

GaiI Frank (wife of series writer Joseph Bailey)

Al Waller

I was especially excited to find this document because it identified the artists of the animated   sequences working under the aegis of Jerry Lieberman Studios.

Animator: Mary Beams

 Animator: Bruce Cayard

 Animators: Mary Beam and Bruce Cayard

 Animator: Al Jarnow

Animator: Jerry Lieberman

Animator: Eli Noyes

The original memorandum is provided below (click on image for larger size).

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