Sunday, February 28, 2021

Rhizome Poem Moan

by G. Jack Urso


write now

no rhyme

no wit

no know how

no shit

it can’t begin

it can’t end

it can only be

quite a pity

when you consider

there is a beginning

and end

to me



Note: This poem, dating from February 2000 with minor edits in 2021, and originally composed for a graduate-level poetry course, is a mild critique of applying the rhizomatic approach of learning and philosophy to poetry. The gif was archived from Ken Nordine’s website while under construction in 2001. The organic images of the gif are evocative of the theoretical organic structure of the rhizome model.


Sunday, January 31, 2021

Could I Not Move Like a Clock?

by G. Jack Urso



could i not move like a clock?


that stands and stares and wonders what


bearing the signs of the times


marking the passage of hours with rhymes


could i not be the gear?


that turns the wheel that makes you hear


or the key to the spring that keeps it wound


and then unwinds and slowly slows down



could i not be a clock?


that sits and stares, but cannot talk


a timepiece that sees out of closed eyes


with hands of flesh that wither and dies




Artwork: “Could I Not Move Like a Clock,” by Michael A. Nieves (1994), created for this poem (author's collection).