Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Wanna Be Steve McQueen

by G. Jack Urso

i wanna be Steve McQueen

speeding down the PCH

with hippie chicks in my limousine

or driving a black shelby cobra

with a glossy afro-sheen

i wanna be Steve McQueen


studying kung fu with bruce lee

talking film with roman polanski

ending my days in an aircraft hanger

with a hot young thing

. . . you know what I mean

i wanna be Steve McQueen


didn’t know his pa . . . given up by his ma

he split the scene at fourteen

busted by the cops, he had to come clean

cause in the school of hard knocks

he’s the dean

you wanna know who I am officer?

my name is Steve McQueen


he’s got the style . . . he’s got the moves

he’s the sound when the rhythm grooves

his antidote for life was simple and true

just hand him a joint or a bottle of brew

or hop on a bike and hang with his crew

he did what he did because we needed him to


life’s not about what you give or take

life's about what you leave in your wake

you can call me crazy, but what i've seen

there’s a whole lot of cogs

and very few machines

so when I gotta go

i wanna be seen

drivin' down my own road

just like Steve McQueen