Monday, February 27, 2023

Hot Hero Band Video Clips

by G. Jack Urso


Video clips of performances by the Hot Hero Band featured here give a good sampling of the band’s high-energy rock and the show's messaging to youth. The theme song, “Get Together, “Last Night,” “Promises,” and “Show Your Love,” feature the band, while they back Andy Breckman on “Tommy Two.”


“Hot Hero Sandwich Theme Song”

Music by Stephen Lawrence and lyrics by Bruce Hart. The theme song frames just surviving the awkward and confusing teen years as a heroic effort in itself. A catchy earworm if ever there was one, memories of the theme song helped to sustain the show’s memory until the Internet came along.


“Get Together”

This is the Hot Hero Band’s cover of The Youngbloods hit song produced by Felix Pappalardi who also produced for the Hot Hero Band. This tune would turned up in their play lists in their later incarnation as 212.


“Last Night”

A power ballad, “Last Night” deals with the break-up between two young people, with the singer expressing feelings of betrayal, though recalling the good times they shared together. These contradictory feelings are a perennial adolescent theme, and the honesty in feeling hurt, but acknowledging not all of it was bad, promotes the healthy psychological coping mechanisms the show promoted.

Richie Annunziato takes the lead vocals and officially became a Rock God to fans for pulling out the twin-arm axe in this song. Mark Cunningham’s sweet burning solo keeps the pace going without taking it over, and the band’s vocal harmonies in the chorus are spot-on perfect.



Robert Brissette takes the lead vocals in this song about another young couple with the singer reflecting on his partner’s doubts about his “promises” to her, though his promises are all he can give. As with “Last Night” it is typical of the show's effort to connect themes to performances. Mark and Richie trade dueling leads towards the end.


“Show Your Love”

Along with “Last Night” and “Promises,” “Show You Love,” continues to explore teens dealing with the awkward feelings of love. Lamenting about learning lessons about love “a little bit too late after love has gone,” the song’s affirmation, “You got to show your love to the ones you love,” keeps the messaging positive and, like “Last Night,” promotes a healthy response to a problem of the heart. Nice bit here with Mark and Richie working the crowd to keep the energy and audience interaction going.


“Tommy Two”

The Hot Hero Band shift gears to back up writer and resident Puberty Fairy Andy Breckman in a funny and somewhat prophetic song about have a robot friend. It gets its own treatment with the lyrics in a separate article at Hot Hero Sandwich, Nov. 24, 1979: Andy Breckman,“Tommy Two,” with the Hot Hero Band. 



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