Sunday, February 4, 2024

Hot Hero Sandwich Clip Job! Captain Hero

by G. Jack Urso 

Captain Hero Theme Song performed by the Hot Hero band.

Captain Hero

Stronger than a frog

Faster than a rock

Smarter than a piece of pie

What a guy . . . Captain Hero

Captain Hero!


Captain Hero, portrayed by Hot Hero Sandwich’s resident child actor Adam Ross, along with the Puberty Fairy, is one of the show’s more surreal elements. On Hot Hero Sandwich, Captain Hero typically appears when there is a threat to a friend or family member, using his intelligence or a special ability to foil the evildoer.
It’s a common enough experience for children to pretend they’re superheroes. On one hand, it is a relatively healthy exercise of the imagination, provided one does not jump off a roof pretending to fly. On the other hand, imaginary play can become a safe place from dysfunction and trauma. It is not uncommon for children of dysfunctional families to grow up and work as counselors, teachers, social workers, and First Responders — becoming, in a way, the superheroes they always wanted to be.


Hot Hero Sandwich Episode 2: The Case of the Disappearing Signature 

Captain Hero thwarts an evil landlord trying to cheat his parents.


Hot Hero Sandwich Episode 3: The Case of the Radioactive Bicycle

With Special Guest Star Stanley Dipstyck. In this episode, Stanley reveals why he wears a bag on his head!


Hot Hero Sandwich Episode 5: The Case of the Angry Boyfriend

With Special Guest Villain Matt McCoy!


Hot Hero Sandwich Episode 7: The Case of the Talking Toilet

A quick toilet trick by the Captain deters a felonious plumber!


Hot Hero Sandwich Episode 9: The Puberty Fairy Strikes!

With Special Guest Andy Breckman!

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