Saturday, December 5, 2015

Summer Siren

by G. Jack Urso


my city sings a summer song

with sirens, shouts, honks, and horns

solar rays over an asphalt haze

lingering long lunar days


basketballs poppin’ off the pavement

like bare feet on hot sand

running bases, bicycle races

fire hydrants drenching a burning land


comic books, gumballs,
Sing the Edge, by Jed McKee (1986)

fireworks, a lemonade stand

hot dogs, hamburgers,

the ice cream man

fistfights, tree forts,

sleeping under the moon

will-o'-the-wisps — gone too soon


all sorts of things

with skies and wings

gathering light in pocketfuls of night

under the sun that warms

All Sorts of Things, With Skies and Wings, and The Sun that Warms are the titles of elementary school readers published by Ginn and Company (1973).

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