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Hot Hero Sandwich Clip Job! The KISS Segment

by G. Jack Urso
KISS logo from 1979.
Airing Dec. 28, 1979, episode 7 of Hot Hero Sandwich featured a short documentary about the Heavy Metal band KISS. Directed by Gail Frank and edited by Patrick McMahon, the film, clocking in at just over seven minutes, gives us a backstage look at one of the largest bands at the time, with an emphasis on the young adults working behind the scenes. The segment is a cleverly disguised educational production, giving kids a look at jobs in entertainment they could aspire too.

The hard work involved in setting up the stage is handled by a group of young men, mostly in their twenties. The wardrobe coordinator introduces herself as 23-year-old Pixie Esmonde. At the time, these people could have been our older brothers and sisters, and here they are, responsible for getting KISS in costume and on the stage.  

Landing KISS was an incredible coup for Hot Hero Sandwich producers Bruce and Carole Hart and the show. KISS was absolutely one of the largest bands in the world at the time and in 1979 were in the middle of a major tour. In fact, KISS played Madison Square Garden June 24 and 25, 1979, and, as seen in the clip, they are indeed at Madison Square Garden, so this segment may detail the work backstage for the concerts on those dates.

In this segment, we get a look at them in the flush of their first early success. Had the series been renewed, a recurring film segment featuring young people in unusual jobs — but still something kids could aspire to — would have been an excellent addition to the show.

The KISS segment is provided below from the Hot Hero Sandwich Central YouTube channel.

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