Sunday, March 3, 2024

Hot Hero Sandwich Project Archives: NBC Promotional Photographs

by G. Jack Urso


NBC released a number of promotional photos to magazines, newspapers, and local network affiliates promoting Hot Hero Sandwich. Here are some The Hot Hero Sandwich Project has purchased to add to the archives. The back side of most photos contain captions, clippings, editorial notes, and time stamps.

Main cast photo.

Main cast photo.

Main cast and Adam Ross (supporting actor).

Main cast photo.

Executive Producers Bruce and Carole Hart.

Executive Producers Bruce and Carole Hart.

Coretta Scott King and Dr. Tom Cottle.

Leonard Nimoy and Dr. Tom Cottle.

Erik Estrada and Dr. Tom Cottle.

Stanley Dipstyck and his alter ego Paul O’Keefe.
Denny Dillon and Paul O’Keefe as Ur and Ym.

Michael Longfield (L. Michael Craig) as Tapedeck.

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  1. Great photos and notes. Love the backstage stuff. Keep HHS alive.