Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Hot Hero Sandwich Episode 10: Scene-by-Scene

by G. Jack Urso 

Sherry Coben’s personal archival copy of Episode 10.
Sadly, we will likely never see a DVD release of the series.

Hot Hero Sandwich has not been released on video and there are very few clips available online; however, at the time of the broadcast Sherry Coben recorded the programs on a rather large early home VCR and later transferred them to DVD. The source video tape was degraded, but sufficient enough for Coben to provide us with a scene-by-scene walkthrough of Episode 10 as an example of how the show structured the mix of animation, music, sketches, and short films.   

Hot Hero Sandwich Episode 10

Interviews: LeVar Burton, Michael Learned, McLean Stevenson, Stockard Channing

Musical Guest: Rex Smith


10.1:  Sketch: Class Clown Pageant - Denny does teacher impressions (wins), Matt makes fart sounds, Paul gets booed.

10.2:  Animation: trippy sea/sky abstract to “Have You Seen the Stars Tonite” (Paul Kantner).

10.3: Sketch: Coach giving locker room pep talk for school dance, “What are we gonna do?” “Dance!”

10.4:  Music performance: Rex Smith, "Tonight."

10.5:  Sketch: Excuse of the Week — Nan-Lynn didn’t want neighbor to think typing was tap dancing, after she promised she’d stop.

10.6: Short Film: Asking teens and kids what’s in/what’s out.

10.7: Short Film: Kids describing/putting terms to “when someone’s out of it.”

10.8: Sketch: Stanley Dipstyck looking at his stamp collection, parents interrupting him, Puberty Fairy shows but disappears when Stanley says “Go away! . . . Why didn’t I ask for a girlfriend?”

10.9: Animation: Kid Dream! A boy dreams of being led onto airplane, flying across Atlantic Ocean to New York, meeting his parents (Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty), flashbacks of life in the Netherlands, and told he was born in Beth Israel Hospital.

10.10: Sketch (part 1): Denny Dillon seeking help for the refreshment committee for the Victory Party, Nan-Lynn and L. Michael feuding over where to get the burgers and how to cook.

10.11: Short Film: Black girls and women montage to “Ebony Eyes,” plus woman doing snippets of Phenomenal Woman, another poem (“I’m gonna draw me a Black Madonna”).

10.12: Sketch (part 2): Nan-Lynn and L. Michael apologizing about their fight, which leads to flirting and they agree to go to the Victory Dance.

10.13: Sketch (part 3): Nan-Lynn and L. Michael realize they don’t have anything besides cooking in common and decide not to go to the party together.

10.14: Music performance: Rex Smith, "Sooner or Later."

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