Saturday, July 29, 2023

Hot Hero Sandwich Clip Job! All Opening Credits

by G. Jack Urso
The original Hot Hero Sandwich sign seen in the opening credits still lighting up in 2023!

The opening credits to Hot Hero Sandwich features not only the awesome theme song, but also had Casey Kasem introducing that week’s celebrity and musical guests. Kassem, well known to its audience not only for American Top 40, but also for voicing Shaggy for the various incarnations of Scooby Do, Robin for the various incarnations of Super Friends, and the G-Force leader Mark on the ground-breaking Battle of the Planets (see link for the Aeolus 13 Umbra article). So, hearing his voice created an immediate “Hey, I know that guy” vibe. A minor touch, but by using elements familiar to audience, from celebrities to musical groups to voiceover artists, an inviting environment is created which draws the young audience further into the show. We should also mention the absolutely wonderful emotive voice work Barbra Feldon (Agent 99 on Get Smart) did on the bumpers (see below).


Episode 1 Opening Credits.                     Episode 2 Opening Credits.


Episode 3 Opening Credits.                   Episode 4 Opening Credits.


Episode 5 Opening Credits.                     Episode 6 Opening Credits.


Episode 6 Opening Credits.                     Episode 7 Opening Credits.


Episode 9 Opening Credits.                    Episode 10 Opening Credits.


            Episode 11 Opening Credits.          Barbra Feldon Bumper Voiceover Samples.


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