Thursday, September 12, 2019

Logan’s Run Film Soundtrack (1976)

by G. Jack Urso

From the Aeolus 13 Umbra YouTube channel.

Released along with the film Logan’s Run (1976), the film soundtrack album by Jerry Goldsmith captures the futuristic ambiance of the film. Although it has elements of ambient and electronica music, best heard in such tracks as  The Dome and Love Shop, it doesn’t quite fit neatly into either genre because it is constrainted by the cinematic needs of the film. The lush orchestrations in such tracks as The Monument and the Love Theme from Logan’s Run pull the soundtrack away from pure ambient or electronica. Nevertheless, the soundtrack also displays Goldsmith’s uncanny ability to shift expertly from genre to genre. From the sci-fi soundings of Logan’s Run, to the Earthly mysterious, and sometimes discordant, sound bed to Planet of the Apes, the epic themes for the Star Trek movie franchise, or the country folk music from the theme to The Waltons, Goldsmith was one of the most versatile, if underrated, film composers of his era.

Listen to the album on the YouTube video above or individual tracks by clicking on the links below.
Original Recording Credits:
Music composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith.

Produced by Harry V. Lojewski.

*Arranged by Jimmie Haskell/Produced by Barry Oslander

Orchestration by Arthur Morton

Recording Engineer Aaron Rochin

Recording at MGM Studies, Culver City California

Track List:

1. The Dome (2:08)
2. On the Circuit (3:45)
3. The Sun (2:11)
4. Flameout (3:26)
5. The Monument (8:13)
6. You’re Renewed (2:50)
7. Ice Sculpture (3:36)
8. Love Shop (3:45)
9. The Truth (2:08)
10. Intensive Care (4:00)
11. End of the City (2:25)

Total Time: 41:34

Compact Disc Credits:
Produced by Nick Redman

Executive Producer Bruce Kimmel, Alain Silver

Digital Remastering: Ken Robertson Sony Music, NY

Technical Consultant Don Rivard

Graphic Artist: Karen Stone

Production Assistant: Gyangyver Savago

Special thanks to Jim Moreno, George De Vito, Bruce Eder, Rikki Zee

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I created the video below set to “The Dome” using Microsoft’s now-defunct Movie Maker, which allowed me to adjust the hue to create color shifts.

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