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Big Blue Marble TV Soundtrack Album

by G. Jack Urso


Full soundtrack album from the Aeolus 13 Umbra YouTube channel.

Theme Song Lyrics

The Earth's a Big Blue Marble

When you see it from out there

The sun and moon declare

Our beauty's very rare


Folks are folks and kids are kids

We share a common name

We speak a different way

But work and play the same


We sing pretty much alike

Enjoy spring pretty much alike

Peace and love we all understand

And laughter, we use the very same brand


Our differences, our problems

From out there there's not much trace

Our friendships they can place

While looking at the face

Of the Big Blue Marble in space


Released in companion to the Big Blue Marble TV series, the Big Blue Marble soundtrack album contains a selection of original songs from the show that reflect its diverse demographic of children around the world, from the West African flavored rhythms of  “Gombey,” to the Native American inspired “Indian Scene,”  the Rhythm & Blues of “Hoopin’,” to the Country & Western “A Rodeo Cowboy” and a hot banjo solo in “Rodeo Riff.”

Interestingly, while the classic theme song for the show, heard in the clip above and which is both the first and last track on the album, is not the first version of the theme song (see below) and does not appear on the soundtrack. This leads us to a couple small mysteries about the album.  

Big Blue Marble Theme Songs: First version, left, and the second version, right.

The first mystery is the aforementioned lack of the first version of the theme song used on the series.  While a complete series run isn’t available, existing episodes indicate that the title theme on the album is not the original opening theme song. As indicated in Episode 1, 4, 19, and 52, the first version of the theme song. The clip of the second version of the theme song below notes the first World Invitational Minicycle Championship in Texas, which is from episode 88 (see Big Blue Marble Episode Guide). So, the change in theme songs must have come somewhere between episodes 52 and 88. To the producer’s credit, it’s just as well that the first version was not included as it lacks the charm and wistfulness of the second version. Nevertheless, it continued to be used as the closing theme, so why it was not included on the album is a mystery.

The second mystery regards the inclusion of songs in an album said to have been released in 1974 that were not played on the series until several years afterwards. This was determined by consulting the programs logs in the Big Blue Marble Episode Guide, which includes not only segment descriptions, but also which songs were played.

Inside cover.
One song listed on Side A, “Hoopin’,”is from Episode 87 (see the Big Blue Marble Episode Guide), which would place that episode somewhere around 1978. Another song on Side B, “Floatin' is from Episode 94, perhaps a year later, yet the phonogram copyright date for the album is indeed 1974, and also so noted for each song individually in the liner notes. Consequently, it seems that the songs in question were copyrighted in 1974 but not used until 1978 or 1979. That suggests some very long lead times on pre-production. Another possibility is that they may have been segments produced earlier but not aired until later. Whatever the case may be, it's a bit of a mystery. 

Mysteries aside, as with all great 1970s albums, you have to have a fold-out inside cover with lyrics and pictures, and the Big Blue Marble delivers. Kids especially enjoy the visual and tactical aspects of entertainment, and lyrics always help sing-alongs. I was pleased to see the extra effort and production cost made when I.T.T. could have cheaped out to save a buck.  

Images from the inside front cover and the back cover of the album.
Big Blue Marble TV Soundtrack Album (1974)

Big Blue Marble Soundtrack album, Sides A & B.

Side A:

A1           Big Blue Marble Theme,” written by Skip Redwine (1:41)

A2           A Rodeo Cowboy,” written by Carol Hall (2:02)

A3           Indian Scene,” written by Rudy Stevenson (1:55)

A4           Say Hello To The Sky,” written by Skip Redwine (2:40)

A5           No Place Like Earth,” written by Peter Chandler Travis (1:09)

A6           “Some Days I Just Want To Go Somewhere,” written by 

                 Tom Figenshu (2:40)

A7           Hoopin',” written by Henry Fownes, Rudy Stevenson (2:41)

A8           Round And Round,” written by Carol Hall (2:32)

Side B:

B1           Gombey,” written by Rudy Stevenson (2:35)

B2           Come Be My Friend,” written by Carol Hall (2:37)

B3           Madame Tussaud's,” written by Skip Redwine (1:31)

B4           Games,” written by Henry Fownes, Rudy Stevenson (2:40)

B5           A Time To Live,” written by Skip Redwine (2:54)

B6           Rodeo Riff,” written by Norman Paris (1:15)

B7           Floatin',” written by Carol Hall (3:00)

B8           Big Blue Marble Theme,” written by Skip Redwine (1:41)

Phonographic Copyright ℗ – A&M Records, Inc.



Recorded At – JAC Recording, Inc.

Mixed At – JAC Recording, Inc.

Recorded At – Soundtek Studios

Mixed At – Soundtek Studios

Mastered At – Sterling Sound

Published By – Alphaventure Music Publishing Corporation

Published By – Betaventure Music Publishing Corp.

Design – Roland Young

Engineer, Mixed By – Charlie Leighton, Lou Gonzales

Producer – Henry Fownes

Photography By: Big Blue Marble TV Crews

Special Thanks - International Telephone and Telegraph Corp., Bob Garrison, Ken Snyder, Joe Napolitano, Scott Shukat



A1, A3-A7, B1, B3, B5, B8: Alphaventure Music Publishing Corp. (ASCAP)

A2, A8, B2, B6, B7: Betaventure Music Publishing Corp. (BMI)

Rights Society: ASCAP

Rights Society: BMI

Matrix / Runout (Runout Ring Side A Etched): SP 3401 S1

Matrix / Runout (Runout Ring Side B Etched): SP 3402 S1



Title | (Format) |Label | Cat# |Country | Year                   

Big Blue Marble | (LP, Album, Gatefold) | A&M Records | SP-3401 | US | 1974   

Big Blue Marble | (8-Track Cartridge, Album, Stereo) | A&M Records | 8T-3401 | US | 1974          

Big Blue Marble | (LP, Album, Promo, Terre Haute, Gatefold) | A&M Records | SP-3401 | US | 1974        

Big Blue Marble | (LP, Album, Reissue) | A&M Records HL 5501 | Canada | Unknown     



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