Friday, November 2, 2012

Rare Video: ABC News Interview with Neil Armstrong, 1969

by G. Jack Urso

In this clip ABC News anchor Frank Reynolds interviews Neil Armstrong in 1969 prior to Moon launch. Only 38 years old, Armstrong displays a unique combination of intelligence, optimism, and an understanding of the importance of the Moon launch beyond the obvious technical achievement. Ever the engineer, Armstrong sees the application of problem-solving methodologies to be one of the lasting contributions of the space program to society.
Interestingly, Armstrong suggests the resources of a successful program, such as the space program, should not be siphoned off to support other “less successful” programs. This can be interpreted as both a comment on social programs as well as the war in Vietnam, though the pragmatic Armstrong believes America able to succeed in all ventures with an “understood goal.” 
This clip comes from video tape nearly 20 years old. The video and audio is low-grade. It is presented here as a historical document. This video clip is presented on a non-profit blog that accepts no advertising. As such, it meets the definition for Fair Use as established by the U.S. Copyright Office.


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