Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Letter to the Oppressive Minions of Orthodoxy After My Death

by G. Jack Urso

a letter to my creditors

after their debtor is dead

i got no family of my own

so i leave you . . . in the red

you’ve been trying to reach me

but couldn’t connect

well, i’m gone for good now

and you can’t collect

i preferred life assurance

to life insurance

so i lived day-to-day

my body was on loan

and my life lent

what can we truly own

when we really only rent

so i’m sorry you can tell your boss

i hope you have insurance

to cover your loss

after such a long relationship

it’s a pity we’re not related

i’d offer you my best wishes

however belated

but right now i’m food for the fishes

‘cause I got my ass cremated 



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