Thursday, February 16, 2012

I See . . . Dinosaurs

by G. Jack Urso
 Click above to hear the multi-track spoken word performance.

in a mist i awake

of smells and thoughts

and sonic flakes

no mind have i to see the past

it fades into haze and never lasts

the light of day goes through my eyes

into my brain to fossilize 

in the dusty ancient texts
"Paradox Lost" by Vincent Di Fate (1974)

brontosaurus, pterodactyl,

tyrannosaurus rex

epochs and eons

of struggle and toil

for a ton of coal

and a barrel of oil

for those of us today

a silent fear persists

if lizard kings could speak they’d say

we’re alive so briefly we barely exist

we question what we think

but seldom what we saw

we see what we believe

i see . . . dinosaurs 

●             ●             ●


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