Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deep Field Observations

by G. Jack Urso  


my ashen eyes lack clarity

or the vision

to see beyond my years


self-aware in the center

of a universe of violence

and slow change


more than the stars or grains of sand

are the memories i dream of at night


as i slumber

to wake and wonder

at what i see

are they phantasms

. . . or a shadow reality?


inward we turn for revelations

calculating distant deep field observations 


Note: According to, the website of the Hubble Space Telescope, “Deep field observations are long-lasting observations of a particular region of the sky intended to reveal faint objects by collecting the light from them for an appropriately long time. The 'deeper' the observation is (i.e., longer exposure time), the fainter are the objects that become visible on the images.” Photo Credit Pham Minh Thanh, 2005. 

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